Business as a Tool, Market as a Goal

With UNMIK support, NGO Women Association Sabor brought together 20 small businesses owned by K-Serbs and K-Albanians (both women and men), in interactive business-to-business meetings to capitalize on opportunities to build their businesses through cooperation. This CBP will also include capacity building trainings in marketing, finance and registration, among other topics.  

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Organizations: UNMIK , NGO Sabor
Locations: Zvečan/Zveçan , Zubin Potok , Mitrovica/Mitrovicë North , Leposavić/Leposaviq , Gračanica/Graçanicë , Štrpce/Shtërpcë , Parteš/Partesh
Start Date : 01, January 2019
End Date : 01, June 2019